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Whisk Away: How To Brew Matcha


Despite matcha’s growing popularity, many people are intimidated by the thought of making it at home. While it does require a few specialized tools, we think that with a bit of practice anyone can make tea ceremony-quality tea. The act of making an energizing cup of matcha is a meditative experience that we think you will begin to look forward to. Follow along and learn how it's done.




  • Matcha
  • Water
  • Chasen (Matcha Whisk)
  • Chashaku (Matcha Ladle)
  • Chawan (Matcha Bowl)
  • Kettle - Today, we are using an electric kettle with built-in temperature control.
  • Optional - Furui (strainer), gram scale, & thermometer




When you consider the fact that tea is primarily water, it makes sense to use the highest quality water you can find. Depending on the mineral content and filtration capabilities of your local water supply, tap water may be perfectly fine, but you can ensure consistency and availability by using filtered or bottled water.



We recommend experimenting with water temperature and suggest starting at around 176ºF or 80°C. Higher temperatures will coax out more shibumi (astringent) notes, which may be desirable in certain matcha blends. On the other hand, cooler temperatures will result in a cup with more amami (sweetness).


Brewing With A Kyusu:


Prepare whisk and bowl by pouring hot water over the tip. This step softens the bristles of the whisk and preheats the bowl to prevent heat loss.



Scoop about 1-2 scoops (1 tsp., or 2g) of matcha from tin with Chashaku through Furui (optional) into Chawan. Using a furui will help reduce clumping and makes it easier to whisk.


If you would like to make koicha, or "thick matcha", we suggest using 3 scoops (2 tsp., or 4g) and halving the amount of hot water. 



Pour around 2 OZ. (60 mL) of hot water (approximately 176 ℉) onto matcha.



Whisk vigorously in an “M” pattern using the Chasen until the matcha becomes smooth and frothy (about 15 seconds). 



Towards the end, lift the whisk and graze the top of the foam to help make the bubbles consistent in size.


Savor immediately from bowl and enjoy.





Matcha - It is very important that you store your matcha in a dark and airtight container. Exposure to oxygen will quickly oxidize the tea and result in off flavors and a dull color. 

Whisk - Clean your whisk after every use. Simply pour hot water over the bristles and remove any stuck on matcha by hand (no soap or dishwasher!). Gently shake it to remove water, and allow it to air dry completely before storing upright. To help maintain the shape of the bristles, consider purchasing a matcha whisk stand.