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Staff Picks: The Towels Our Team Stocks Up On

Picking a towel can an incredibly personal thing. There's the matter of weight preference, picking between different textures, finding a towel that will survive multiple washes- all before picking a color that doesn't clash with your bath decor. A towel is an essential that you'll likely use every day, and there are a lot of boxes to check off before you find your perfect match. 

Staff Picks 

After 10 years in the Japanese towel business, we've tried them all and found a few personal favorites in the process. Here are the towels our team keeps for themselves. 


Lattice Towel, Brown
 "Lattice was the first towel I ever bought from Morihata. Aside from loving how it looks and feels, I'm just amazed at how absorbent it is. Even after years of use, the waffle weave looks just as good as it did on the day I bought it."

- Lisa, Wholesale Manager













Flax Line Towel, Blue 

"One of my favorite towels is the Flax Line Towel. It is so unbelievably soft even after washing it numerous times. I especially love the blue-ivory colorway- the soft blue chevron waves remind me of being in Santorini" 

- Rosemary, Assistant Accounts Manager














Claire Towel, Silver
"I like the fact that the Claire towel is partially made from linen. The chevron front and the terry back make for an excellent-looking and functional hand towel."
- Chris, Visual Content Coordinator














Animal Towel, Bear

"I love the Bear towels by Yoshii. Having grown up in Vermont I have a special place in my heart for wildlife and Adirondack imagery. The bears illustrated on these towels are particularly adorable.  

- Erica, Wholesale E-Commerce Coordinator














Graph, Coffee

"It's brand new, so I haven't had much time with it, but I'm already sure that Graph will become one of my favorites. Graph is extremely supple and woven on the old Toyoda looms. Unlike many of our other styles, it is dyed with natural dyes like coffee, charcoal, and English tea, and as an added bonus, it comes in a blanket size!"

- Sam, Marketing Coordinator















Though these are our long-standing personal favorites, we're looking forward to introducing you to our newest towel collection. See them for yourself this August at NYNOW.